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Needs To Come Back For The Good Vibrations

| Friendly | August 22, 2014

(I am with a few friends in a mall near my house. We walk into a store that is known for selling unusual novelties such as ‘adult’ toys. My friends are on student visas from Vietnam and are not familiar with many U.S. stores and ‘products.’ One of the girls stops me near one of the displays.)

Friend: “What are those things?”

(I look and realize she’s pointing at a selection of women’s vibrators.)

Me: “Ahem, well…”

(As tastefully as I can, I explain what they are and what they are used for.)

Friend: *embarrassed* “Oh! Uh… Let’s go. Let’s go…”

(We quickly walk away from the display with her a few steps behind me. I hear her say something softly to herself.)

Friend: “I have to come back here when I am alone.”

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