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Needs To Coin A New Term For That Level Of Lazy

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(I’m buying a few things in a stationery shop. The cashier is in his early 20s, the same age as me.)

Cashier: “£5.70, please.”

(I hand over £6 in cash.)

Cashier: *dramatic sigh* “Can you pay by card today?”

(I’m totally thrown, as I’ve never been asked this question.)

Me: “Umm… no.”

Cashier: *very rudely* “It’s just, if you pay by cash, I have to do change. Give me your card.” *holds his hand out for my card*

Me: “Er… yeah. You have to do change.”

(From where I am standing, I can see that his screen has gone blue and says, “CHANGE = 0.30p” in massive white font.)

Cashier: *snappy, arrogant, and rude* “Look. For future reference, I suggest paying by card. It’s so much easier than cash.”

Me: “I’d like my 30p now, please.”

(He sighs dramatically and looks down at his drawer. He seems to think about it for a bit too long, then presses a button. A manager comes over.)

Cashier: *like the whole thing is beneath him* “It’s 10p three times, isn’t it? Which one is 10p?”

Manager: “Just go.” *to me, while giving me my 30p* “I’d have more time for him if he wasn’t familiar with British currency, but he’s over 20 and doesn’t know the difference between a 2p and a £2 coin. Born here, that kid, and I’ve told him which is which every day for months. He just insists everyone should use cards. So rude to people, too.”

(I’ve been back since and the anti-change guy wasn’t there. What’s so bad about a few coins?)

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