Needs To Can That Attitude

| Related | November 22, 2015

(Whenever our local soccer team plays games, I usually work in the kiosk. We have separate containers for trash and soda cans, but despite having a large sign over the can container that clearly says “CANS ONLY!”, people always throw regular trash in it anyway. One of these games is unusually hectic; There’s a huge audience, and I get a lot of customers. This results in tons of trash among the cans. A small child, about five-six years old, and his grandfather are about to throw away an empty bag of chips.)

Grandfather: “Throw it in there.” *points to can container*

Child: “But grandpa, it says ‘cans only.’ Shouldn’t we throw it in there instead?” *points to correct trashcan*

Grandfather: “Why? It’s not our job! Leave it to those who work here!” *glances at me and smirks*

(People with attitudes like that are probably the reason why we always have to sort out the trash from the cans after every game. Thanks for giving us work we shouldn’t have to do, old man.)

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