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Needs To Call Out Racism On The Carpet

, | Working | June 30, 2014

(I work for a carpet store/warehouse. The store has six salesmen who take customers on a ’round robin’ basis, meaning when a customer comes in, the next salesman ‘up’ handles them, unless he is busy. One salesman in particular is extremely racist and often skips his turn when minorities come in.)

Salesman #1: *seeing an African-American family enter* “You take my turn.”

Salesman #2: “Are you sure?”

Salesman #1: “Yeah. These [racial slurs] never have any money and want everything at a discount.”

Salesman #2: “Are you absolutely sure? Okay, then.”

(Salesman #2 proceeds to spend nearly 45 minutes with the man and his family. After they leave, he returns to his desk to do paperwork.)

Salesman #1: “That looked like fun. The [racial slur] give you the runaround?”

Salesman #2: “You didn’t recognize him?”

Salesman #1: *laughing* “No, why? Was he on America’s Most Wanted?”

Salesman #2: “That was [First Name]—”

Salesman #1: “All [racial slur]s are named ‘[First Name].'”

Salesman #2: “[Full Name]. Plays for the [Sports Team]? He just carpeted his entire house in deep plush.”

(Salesman #2 made a huge commission on the sale. Salesman #1 never lived it down.)

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