Needs To Be Candid About The ‘Candy’

| ON, Canada | Learning | June 26, 2014

(I’m sitting at the front of the class with my friend. A boy in our class who has grabbed my friend’s purse, and is going through it. He finds a tampon, and pulls it out.)

Boy: “What’s this?”

Friend: “Put it back.”

Boy: “No, come on. Tell me!”

Friend: “Please just put it back.”

Boy: *holding the tampon up for everyone in the class to see* “What is this?”

(At this point in time, the whole class is staring.)

Boy: “Oh my gosh! Is this candy?”

Friend: “No.”

Boy: “Are you hiding it from me because it’s candy?”

Friend: “It isn’t candy.”

(The boy then proceeds to open the wrapper, push out the tampon, and slowly pull it apart, all the while, saying “What is this? Why does it push out? Why is there a string in it?” etc, while the class looks on in shock. Finally the teacher has had enough.)

Teacher: “Okay. If you stop talking, I’ll tell you what it is at the end of class.”

(The end of class rolls around.)

Boy: *poking the pile of cotton on his desk* “So what is it?”

Teacher: “It’s a tampon!”

Boy: “Ew!” *jumps up in disgust*

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