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Needs To Be Brailled Out Of That Class

| Learning | September 6, 2013

(It’s the first day of the first grade. I’ve been blind since birth, and this is noted in my school records. The teacher is calling each child up and having them tell a bit about themselves. I’m already terrified about starting school, and being shy this is putting me over the top. I give the same little talk most of the other children give.)

Teacher: “So, can you say something for the class in sign language?”

Me: “I, I don’t know.”

Teacher: “Sign language! Say something in sign language! It’s how you talk!”

(I just nervously stand there.)

Teacher: “Just leave! Go to the office! You’re obviously not ready for school!”

(I start to cry, not knowing what to do. The teacher grabs my arm and drags me to the office, berating me all the way.)

Teacher: *to the principal* “He’s too immature for school! He wouldn’t even say anything in sign language for my class!”

Principal: “You do know he’s blind, and not deaf, right? He doesn’t know sign language.”

Teacher: “Oh…”

(My parents had me pulled out of this teacher’s class, and into the first grade class across the hall.)

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