Needs To Back Up And Check The Facts

| Friendly | June 20, 2016

(I am leaving to go study with a friend. There’s a car stopped somewhat behind the exit of my garage area, but there is someone in the vehicle. I enter my car and put it into reverse, in hopes that they will notice. They don’t, so I very cautiously back straight out a very small amount. My car is far from harm’s way, as much is hers, and I am able to keep an eye on the car from my camera. As I come to stop at a safe distance, the car takes notice and backs up. I back up as normal and head off to the nearest intersection — no damage was done to any vehicle. As I wait at the intersection for the light, the car has followed and pulls up next to me and the driver asks me to roll my window down — so I do, in case my trunk was left open or she needs something. The driver is a middle-aged woman with heavy makeup, tanned skin, and dirty blonde hair.)

Me: “Yes, what happened?”

Driver: *angrily* “Did you see my f****** car back there?”

Me: “Uh, yes, I believe I did. You were behind me when I was backing out?”

Driver: “Did you know that you hit my car? Are you f****** stupid? I should have f***** you up! I was on the phone! You couldn’t have f****** asked me to move?”

Me: “I’m sorry that you feel that way but I most definitely did NOT hit your car. In fact, I was far from it. I checked my camera every moment to make sure I wouldn’t hit it. You weren’t moving at all, so I slowly backed out so that you could notice me, plus why would you move after I hit you?”

Driver: *furiously* “Yeah, you better NOT have hit my f****** car. I would have f***** you up. I know where you f****** live, too! So don’t try me. I will come back and get you. I will f*ck you up. You better f****** look what you’re doing next time.”

(The car drives off.)

Me: “Wow.”

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