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Needs To Adopt Better Eyesight

| Friendly | January 20, 2015

(I have been dating my boyfriend for a while now. My friend and I are talking about him while we’re out shopping.)

Me: “My boyfriend and his sister are both adopted.”

Friend: “Oh, that’s cool; does he know anything about his birth parents?”

Me: “Not really. He considers his adoptive family his only family.”

(We talk a bit about more about his adoption and family situation. Then we happen to run into his sister. I introduce his sister to my friend and then we go about our shopping and his sister leaves.)

Friend: “I could tell that was his sister. The two of them look so much alike!”

(For the record, he’s got dark hair, dark eyes, tan skin, and roundish features, while his sister is light haired, blue eyed, freckled, with sharp features.)

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