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Needs To Adopt A Different Type Of Customer Service

| Friendly | August 16, 2016

(I am currently working on the shop floor. A little boy comes running round the corner and sees me, and strikes up this conversation:)

Little Boy: “Hi! What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m cleaning up the shop floor and making it nice and tidy, and then I’m going to go and serve lots of people on the tills!”

(The little boy’s mum comes round.)

Mum: “[Son], what are you doing?”

Little Boy: “Talking to the lady!” *pauses* “I don’t like you, mummy.”

Mum: *puzzled* “Why don’t you like me?”

Little Boy: “Because you’re mean!” *points at me* “This lady is my mummy now!”

(I just laughed nervously and left. The little boy then decided to try follow me around the shop, with me telling him numerous times to go stay with his mum.)

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