Needs That Shampoo With Those Calming Herbs, Part 2

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I am working on unloading products onto the floor when an older couple approaches. The woman has some sort of speech impediment which makes her somewhat difficult to understand.

Customer: “I’m looking for—” *can’t understand* “—shampoo in this brand?”

She is pointing at the dry shampoos so I think she is looking for regular ones.

Me: “Those are all the dry shampoos. The regular shampoo and conditioners are over here.”

Customer: “No! Hairspray, not dry shampoo! All I see is dry shampoo and I don’t want it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any hairspray for this brand.”

Customer: “Yes, you do. I know you’re lying because we have it in California.”

Me: “Well, there might be a difference in what certain stores have in different states. I mean, California and Pennsylvania are pretty hard to compare. Even then, our store is fairly small compared to others in the district. We don’t have the shelf space to carry the products that all the other stores do.”

She begins to just glare at me and repeat over and over again how she wants hairspray until her husband repeats literally the exact same thing I told her.

Customer’s Husband: “Honey, we can’t expect the store here to be like the ones in LA and New York. This is a small, poor town so we can’t expect much from them.”

I’m just standing there like “WTF is going on?” Before they leave, she angrily marches over to another haircare brand.

Customer: “These brands that you’re promoting test on animals and are destroying the environment. You should be ashamed of the animal cruelty you help endorse!”

After that, those two finally left. Like, I don’t control what we sell, crazy lady, but make sure to yell at the minimum-wage worker here.

Needs That Shampoo With Those Calming Herbs

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