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Needs Some Cuddle Context

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(We’re slow so I’m standing in the dining room chatting to the waitress. She only has one table who’s been pretty cool most of their stay, joking with us whenever they have something to input. I’m currently showing my coworker pictures of my cat, which I’m known to do often. As I’m showing her the last one, the guy from the table waves as though he wants something.)

Coworker: *as she’s walking towards their table* “You always take pictures of her on your bed.”

Me: “But that’s where we always cuddle.”

(I can’t see the girl’s face as she’s facing away from me, but she must have been making a horrified face.)

Coworker: *looking at the table* “We’re talking about her cat.”

Girl: “Oh…”

Guy: *laughing out loud* “Your face was priceless!”

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