Needs A Recruiter Rebooter, Part 2

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(I’m looking for a new job and I have made several applications in a job portal. Most jobs available are put up by companies hiring through recruitment agencies for anonymity. I receive several calls and in them, I explain that I am currently working and need some time to arrange for leave to go for interviews. Most recruiters understand this and give me sufficient time to arrange for leave. One recruiter, however, does not.)

Recruiter: “Hi, [My Name], congratulations! My client wants to see you tomorrow morning for an interview. Can I put you in for 11:00 am?”

Me: “[Recruiter], I’ve mentioned that I need time to arrange for leave or time off. It is now 5:55 pm and I’m off work in five minutes. My boss will never agree to let me take leave tomorrow morning.”

Recruiter: “What about 2:30 pm? I can tell the client that you’ll be in at 2:30 pm.”

Me: “[Recruiter], I can’t do that, either. My boss has a meeting in the morning and will only come in in the afternoon. I need to update him on all the ongoing projects.”

(While I am on my way home, the recruiter calls again.)

Recruiter: “[My Name], the client has specially opened another interview day for you the day after. Can you make it?”

(I check in the morning and manage to get permission for a half-day off. I receive a text from the recruiter one hour before the interview is scheduled, when I am halfway out the door.)

Recruiter: “I’m sorry, but the interviewer is down with fever. Today’s interview is cancelled. We will let you know when another interview can be scheduled.”

Me: “Noted; however, next week is not possible as my boss will be away the second half of the week, which means that I have to clear everything before he leaves. I’ve some submissions due by the end of the week, but I only have half the week to complete them, so my time is quite tight. When my boss is not around, he expects me to be in the office to hold the fort, so I cannot take leave then.”

Recruiter: “Noted.”

Me: “If the following week is too late for your client, then thanks for forwarding my resume to them for their consideration.”

(The following Monday…)

Recruiter: “[My Name], my client still wants to see you. Can you come down tomorrow? Any time you want.”

Me: “[Recruiter], I’ve already said that I cannot make it this week. If your client wants to see me, they have to wait until next week.”

Recruiter: “What about Wednesday?”

Me: “[Recruiter], forget it, then. Thanks.”

(On Friday, the recruiter messages again.)

Recruiter: “I just wanted to update you: the client will be going with other candidates, as they are looking for someone urgently and cannot afford to wait for you.”

(I receive a call on the Monday after.)

Recruiter: “[My Name], the client still wants to meet you. Any time tomorrow will be fine.”

Me: “I thought they didn’t want to see me as they needed staff urgently and couldn’t wait for me?”

Recruiter: “Well, only one person was shortlisted for the second interview.”

Me: “I think I’ll pass on this opportunity, thanks.”

Recruiter: “But they thought you were good! They want to see you, any time, at your convenience.”

Me: “[Recruiter], as I said, I need time to arrange for leave. I’m also arranged for another interview tomorrow, and took leave in the afternoon for that. I can’t possibility extend my leave last-minute. Anyway, thank you for your time.”

Recruiter: “But can’t you go over since you’re already taking leave?”

Me: “No, I took leave for this company I’m interviewing with because they gave me ample time to make arrangements. I’m not going to decrease my chances of getting a position at that company because I’m rushing to make it for another interview that I don’t have much interest in anymore.”

Recruiter: “What? Why?”

Me: “[Recruiter], it’s not like this is the first time; every single time, you want me to drop everything and rush over. Even if the timing is at my convenience, the day itself isn’t. I have made it clear over and over again that I am currently working and need time to arrange for leave or time off. It isn’t as if I didn’t tell you and then sprung this need for time to arrange my leave at the last minute. Frankly, if this is the way they do things over there, I don’t think I’ll be happy working there when I’m already encountering so many problems before I even go for an interview.”

Recruiter: “But, but, can you at least think it over? You have my number, right? So, you can text me tomorrow.”

(Ugh. I don’t know how many times I must say no, politely, before she gives up.)

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