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Needs More Blue On De Ting

, , , , | Right | March 29, 2019

(I work at a budget hotel chain. We’re a very small branch, so on evenings and nights, there’s only a single employee staffing the whole thing. As this one employee frequently needs to be working around the hotel, we have a blue button at reception with instructions to press it to call the receptionist if they’re not behind the desk. One evening, I come back to reception to find an indignant-looking man at the desk.)

Me: “Oh, good evening. Can I help you?”

Customer: “I hope you can. I’ve been waiting here twenty minutes now.”

Me: “Oh, gosh! I’m sorry about that, sir. Did you press the blue button?”

Customer: “No. I couldn’t find it.”

Me: “Oh. Well, in future, if there’s anything you need, just press here. I can’t know you’re here if you don’t press the button.”

(I indicate the blue button. Note that this button is right in the middle of the reception desk. It is right next to a sign instructing customers to press it for assistance. There are a second set of instructions above the button, in case customers missed the first set. This button is the only button on the desk. It is also labelled, “BLUE BUTTON,” in large letters.)

Customer: *looks at the button for a second* “Oh… Well, I couldn’t find it. It isn’t blue enough.”

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