Needs An Extendable Range Of Customer Service

, , , | Working | August 31, 2017

(My wife, our child, and I are in a home improvement type of store getting a paint sample. While it’s mixing, we go to look at microwaves in the appliance department, as we know we will need to replace ours soon. My wife is looking for a specific kind that has an extendable range on it, since our current one [which is mounted over the stove] has a very short range hood on it. We don’t see any that have this feature, so she goes to ask an employee and comes back to where I’m standing, with the employee following. The employee looks to be about middle-aged, not a teenager or young person in anyway.)

Employee: “Extendable range hood… I don’t know what that is. I don’t know that they make something like that.”

(My wife is walking down the row of microwaves and finds one that has the word “Push” listed under the door. The range pops out underneath.)

Wife: “Oh, like this one. This is an extendable range. Do you have anymore like this?”

Employee: “Oh wow… what does this do?”

Me: “It catches the smoke and vapor that comes off cooking food from the stove.”

Employee: “Well, you learn something new everyday. I’m going to say we probably don’t have anymore like this.” *sees our baby in the stroller* “Oh, he is so cute. Look how he smiles.”

Me: “Yeah, he is cute. So, this one has four sensors and this one has seven. Is the extra three sensors worth the hundred dollars more?”

Employee: *still looking at our baby* “My daughter is sixteen, but I remember when she was this age.”

Me: “Great. Anyway, this is a 2400-watt microwave; is there any reason in the world why the average person would want this?”

Employee: “I used to tickle my nephew’s feet when he was a baby.”

Me: *to my wife* “She is not hearing a word I’m saying. Let’s go.”

Me: *to the employee* “All right, we’ll be going now.”

Employee: “My daughter and I are like the Gilmore Girls!”

(She continues to talk while we are leaving the area, and as we continue to get further away her volume gets louder so we can hear her. At this point, we have left the department and are heading back to the painting area.)

Employee: *yelling because of the distance* “Your baby is so cute though!”

(I don’t believe I’ll buy any appliances from her.)

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