Needs Excuses With Some Bite To Them

, , , , | Working | August 29, 2018

(I work in the kitchen of a tourist town restaurant. In the summer, buses of 50 or so senior citizens come from all over to eat and enjoy the view. We know about their arrival well beforehand and we have a prepared menu for them, which includes salad, their choice of steak or fish entree, and a dessert. Since it is summer, the restaurant is full already and the kitchen staff are a little stressed. Having the seniors’ food prepped and ready to go makes the whole process easier. A waitress comes down with six steak dinners on a serving tray. The kitchen is very busy, so she shouts to get noticed.)

Waitress: “Hey, boss, I have six orders of steak for the senior bus that need to be fish, instead.”

(The boss, who is also the head chef, slams something on the counter and yells back at her.)

Boss: “What the h***?! They get what they pre-ordered! We don’t have time to remake orders for them for no good reason!”

(The waitress, who is also pretty frazzled, slams down the tray.)

Waitress: “You want a good reason? I’ll give you a good reason! These poor old people forgot their d*** teeth and can’t eat their d*** steak! Now can I get six fish dishes, please?!”

(I have never heard a place go so quiet so quickly in all my life. Props to my boss, though, for saying, “Now that’s a d*** good reason,” and making them the fish.)

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