Needs Better Train-ing

| Working | October 2, 2015

(I’ve organised a company trip to Europe, going by train. The minibus has picked us up and shortly into our journey drives into a truck. We’re all ok but have to wait for a replacement bus. This means we’re running late for the group check in, so I phone the train operator:)

Me: “I just wanted to check what I should do as we’re unlikely to make our group check in time: our minibus was in an accident so we’ve been delayed.”

Operator: “If you miss check in then there’s nothing we can do.”

Me: “Can you not let someone know we’re going to be late? It’ll only be about 10 minutes or so.”

Operator: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do. This is why we advise people to set out in plenty of time, to avoid situations like this.”

Me: *a bit shocked* “You want me to allow extra journey time just in case our bus hits a truck?”

Operator: “You should prepare for any eventuality.”

Me: *by now I’m heavily sarcastic* “I’m sorry, I thought allowing an extra hour would be sufficient. It was so thoughtless of me not to anticipate that we’d be in a car accident.”

(I then hung up on her. We made the train after I spoke to the station directly and they let us check in late. The train operator then sent me a survey to fill in on their customer service…)

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