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Needs A Sign To Listen To The Announcement To Read The Sign

| Right | April 28, 2017

(My aunt works at a large retailer. A customer comes through her till on a day when the debit/credit machines are down. They have large signs posted near the doors as well as on every till. There are also announcements every ten minutes that it is a cash only day because of the blackout earlier. This day, she is working in the express lane. After scanning all the customer’s items through:)

Aunt: “Okay, your total today is [total].”

(The customer holds up his card.)

Aunt: “Today our machines are down because of the blackout; you need to pay cash.”

Customer: “I didn’t know that!”

Aunt: “We have signs up near the door and also on every till as well as right here.”

(She taps the sign that is right beside her register’s screen.)

Customer: “Oh, well, I don’t read signs.”

Aunt: “We also have had an announcement about every ten minutes over the intercom about it. You must have heard it at least twice while you were waiting in line.”

Customer: “I don’t pay attention to those announcements!”

(He took cash out and left.)

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