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Needs A Realty Check

| Working | June 20, 2015

(We are looking to move house. As I’ve dealt with some pretty crappy estate agents in the past, I decide to keep things real simple, and mass-email estate agents to get on their books. The idea is that they will show you the most relevant properties as soon as they come to market.)

Me: “We are looking for a house in the [Name] area. It must have three bedrooms, detached, and the price range is £X price for a fixer-upper and £Y price for a ready to move in property.”

Estate Agent #1: “Hi, [My Name], take a look at this property. It is new to the market.”

Me: “Looks great, although really out of budget. Will they take low offers?”

Estate Agent #1: “No this is an accurate price. Don’t you have savings to make up the difference?”

(I stopped reading her emails after that.)

Estate Agent #2: “Hi, [My Name], we have had this one on the market for a while. Great house, a bargain!”

Me: “This isn’t in the area we are looking for. Please only send information on properties in [Name] area.”

Estate Agent #2: “Are you sure? It’s a great price!”

(It was a great price because it was the roughest area of the city!)

Estate Agent #3: “Hi [My Name Spelt Wrongly]! I have sent you some property details below.”

(The guy had sent EVERYTHING they had in that area: two- and three-bedroom houses, one-bed flats; no help whatsoever. After this I stopped responding and found a nice house on my own. We are due to move in before Christmas!)

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