Needs A Prompt For Being Prompt

, | Working | July 5, 2013

Me: “Hey, [supervisor], I noticed that it is time for [coworker] to be here to send me home. Have we heard from her?”

Supervisor: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh okay, cool! I can stay if she’s running a bit late, but not too long as I have an appointment across town.”

Supervisor: “That’s fine. You’ll be able to leave soon.”

(About an hour passes, and there’s no sign of my coworker.)

Me: “[Supervisor], I really need to head out soon. Do you know if [coworker] is coming?”

Supervisor: “Oh my God, [my name], you are being so annoying! I told her not to come in for a couple more hours because labor is too high right now!”

Me: “But I need to leave.”

Supervisor: “Well, you should have given me a week’s notice that you’d have to go home on time today! Don’t be stupid!”

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