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Needs A Glass Container For Her Extra Entitlement

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For no apparent reason whatsoever, it is inexplicably the busiest day ever. There are crowds of people all throughout the store and long wait times to reach the checkouts. As usual, I’m looking after the self-serve machines. The line for the self-serves is by far the longest I’ve ever seen it, and I’ve been there a long time. I’m doing my best to keep things moving, but it’s pretty hectic.

A customer approaches me through the self-serve exit. She talks in a pleasant, conversational tone for this entire exchange, even the bits that aren’t pleasant nor conversational.

We currently have a promotion going on where spending money earns you special points which you can trade in for a glass container.

Customer: “Excuse me. I think I’ve earned enough points for one of your glass containers.”

Me: “May I see your receipt?”

She shows me her receipt, which indicates that she does indeed have enough points for a container.

Me: “The containers are just at the end of aisle one over there. If you want to grab one and line up, I can show you how to put it through. You just need the container and your rewards card.”

Even though they are free, the containers still need to be scanned through a register and then paid for with points, which are saved on customers’ rewards cards.

Customer: “Would you be able to go and get one and do it for me? I don’t want to have to line up in that line.”

Me: “Ah, not really sorry. It’s really busy here, as you can see. And I’m not really allowed to leave my post unattended. You can always come back next time and get it. It might be a bit quieter then. As long as you have your rewards card, you can get it any time.”

Customer: “I’m just worried you’ll have run out.”

Me: “I shouldn’t think that will happen. They’ve kept the containers pretty well stocked. I don’t think they’ve allowed them to run out since the promotion began.”

Customer: “Okay. What’s your name by the way?”

I point to my name tag.

Me: “[My Name].”

Customer: “Thank you, [My Name]. I’m going to report you for refusing to help a customer. This is bad customer service.”

Me: “If you feel you have to, go ahead. As I said, I unfortunately can’t leave the self-serve. You can try talking to them at the service desk. Maybe they can spare someone up there to go and help you.”

Customer: “No, it’s okay. I’ll just report you. Bye.”

Me: “Okay, have a good day.”

While I feel her threats were pretty empty, I almost hope she does complain about me. “A member of staff refused to abandon their post and their customers on a very busy day to do my shopping for me, and then they wouldn’t let me cut in line past all the other customers who’d been waiting for ages to get a register.” I’m sure that complaint would be taken very seriously.

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