Needs A Coupon For A New Job

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(A customer comes to my register with a forty-pound bag of dog food and a coupon on his phone. I see that it is a manufacturer coupon for “$10 off one XL bag of dog food.” I’m suspicious, because nowhere on the bag does it say, “XL.” Other brands have bags marked as “XL” as a promotional offer, but this brand does not. The whole thing smells like fraud, but I’m not allowed to call him on it.)

Customer: “I have this, too.” *shows me his phone*

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, manufacturer coupons must be printed to be accepted.”

Customer: *waves me off* “Yeah, they usually just scan it or punch it in if it doesn’t work.”

Me: “I can’t take a digital manufacturer coupon. You’re welcome to print it out and bring it back with the receipt on your next trip and we can refund the amount at that time.”

Customer: “No. You can do it.”

Me: *still smiling politely* “No, sir, I’m afraid that’s fraud and I could lose my job.”

Customer: “Get me your manager.”

Me: “Okay.” *calls for the manager* “She’ll be here shortly.”

(The manager arrives.)

Customer: “She’s trying to tell me you don’t take manufacturer coupons.”

Manager: “Of course we do!” *holds out her hand*

Customer: “I’m not giving you my phone!”

Manager: “Oh, it’s not printed?”

Me: “I said we don’t take digital manufacturer coupons.”

Manager: “I see. You want an override, then?”

Customer: “Yes! Jesus! And train your employees better!”

Manager: *smiles and nods while overriding the coupon* “There you go!”

(The customer leaves, looking smug. As she is walking away, the manager says my name over the headset, which every employee in the store hears.)

Manager: “[My Name], we do not accept digital manufacturer coupons.”

Me: “That’s why I said no. You’re the one who said yes.”

Manager: “The coupon policy is clear. I’m not sure what you don’t understand.”

Me: “You broke policy, not me.”

(The same manager came back to me about an hour later with a printout showing fraudulent coupons that had recently been accepted at other stores. Wouldn’t you know it, the XL bag coupon was on the list! I still got a writeup for my attitude and for accepting a fraudulent coupon, despite management acknowledging that I was the one following policy. When I asked what I was supposed to do in that situation, management just kept dodging the question by repeating the official store policy. I found a new job ASAP.)

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