Needing Ice But Moving Like A Glacier

| Working | January 4, 2016

(I work at a sandwich take-out at our national airport. To cool the toppings for our sandwiches and the fresh juices we sell, we have two large ice boxes – we call them ‘juice bar’ and ‘sandwich bar’ –  which we have to refill with ice chips every 5-6 hours. Because the restaurant itself doesn’t have an ice machine, we get our ice from another restaurant. However, they require us to call ahead, to check if they still have enough ice for the both of us. This happened during my last shift.)

Shift Leader: “[My Name], could you call [Restaurant] to ask if they have ice for us? I want to refill both the juice and sandwich bars before [Colleague] goes on his break.”

Me: “Sure.”

(I call, but there is no answer. I decide to wait for a few minutes and try again, to no avail.)

Me: “[Shift Leader], they won’t pick up. I tried twice. Want me to wait and call again?”

Shift Leader: “I’ll call their manager, maybe they’re too busy to pick up.” *calls* “No answer. Go ahead, we really need that ice.”

(I take the large cart we use to get ice to the restaurant and fill it all up. Just as I get back to my own workplace, Shift Leader’s phone rings.)

Shift Leader: “Hello? Yeah, okay, thanks.” *hangs up* “That was [Restaurant], calling to tell us that we are allowed to get some ice.”

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