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Needed To Concentrate Harder

| Working | January 10, 2017

(I am at a government department that “takes care” of the unemployed and job seekers.)

Officer: *after reading a list of things I can’t do and/or need to report to get my money* “And don’t forget, we have people monitoring all the other departments — Tax office, police, and Immigration, so if you put even a toe out of line—” *laughs* “—we’ll be coerced into cutting your benefit!”

Me: “Sounds a little harsh, but—”

Officer: *smiles* “Well, just think of it THIS way: sooner you get yourself a job instead of being idle, sooner these restrictions are lifted!”

Me: “So… ‘Work Means Freedom,’ as they say?”

Officer: *stares in surprise, then joyfully* “What a COOL motto! Yes, exactly. Wow, where did you get that motto from? It’s so good!”

Me: *stunned she’s not heard of it* “Er… it’s an old one… from Europe.”

Officer: “Gosh, that’s good! ‘Work Means Freedom.’ Oh, I’d love to suggest we use it, but I suppose it’s still copyright?”

Me: “Wouldn’t think so, no.”

Officer: *overjoyed* “Oh, cool! I’ll raise it at our next staff meeting! We should SO have it as a motto!”

(I’d have loved to have seen that meeting take place.)

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