Needed For A Very Testing Shift

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(My first job as a teenager was front line and baker of a famous Canadian coffee house that was branded with a major tourist company that does highway convenience, airports, hotels, etc. Since I was only 15-18 when I was working there, I had to rely on my mother to drive me in and pick me up since I didn’t get my G2 driver’s license until college. I was only available weekends since I had dance classes during the week, but my managers and supervisors would look over this fact and would proceed to call me during class times almost every week. This happens during a math test where my teacher has had enough. Side note: I had my ringer on due to a family emergency and my teacher knew of this.)

Classroom: *silent*

(Cue Irish Rock to begin blaring from my hoodie pocket.)

Teacher: “Go ahead, [My Name]. You can finish your test at a later date.”

Me: *checks phone to see if it is [Family Member] and my caller display is saying [Work]* “Uh, it’s work.”

Teacher: “Are you serious? Give it to me.” *hands over phone, with my teacher now speaking to my manager* “Yes, hello! You’ve reached [My Name]’s cell phone. No, you may not. She’s taking a test. Well, I’m not letting you talk to her. Why? Again, she’s taking a test and you disrupted the rest of the classroom. Yes, you’d better apologize. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to speak to [My Name] about how you’re constantly calling her to come into work at short notice. She doesn’t drive, and is currently in second period. She has classes until 2:30 and club activities right after. If she receives another call during the day like this again, I will be reporting you to your superiors for your incompetence in understanding your employee’s schedule. It not a threat; this is a promise. All of her teachers are quite annoyed with this habit you’ve created. Now break it and leave the girl alone during the weekday. Goodbye.” *hangs up and passes my phone back* “Put your pencils down everyone. We’re going outside to let off some steam; AKA, I need to run this off!”

(When I went into work that Saturday, they apologized and asked me to give my teachers some gift cards for disrupting them.)

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  • Some Reader

    Your teacher is awesome, and the gift cards of apology were a nice touch from the managers.

    • Jackie Fauxe

      I agree, but interrupting the math test to take everyone outside so that the teacher can “blow off some steam” seems like an odd choice. I hope everyone was given enough time to finish their test.

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    I had this same problem during my senior year and it even happens every once in a while now in college.

    • Novelista

      (Part of a previously told story…)

      When I tried to give my Thanksgiving/finals schedule to Kohl’s, they said they’d given my job away because they thought I’d “found another”.

      I had classes all morning and did homework all afternoon so I could be with the with the RAs while they were on duty at night. Other than work study, when the heck did they think I had time to go out and get another job?! (*headdesk*)

  • Celoptra

    Just so people who don’t know what the “Famous Canadian Coffeehouse” is .it’s Tim Hortons

    • Dsru Bin

      Was it founded inside a famous Canadian amusement park?

      • Celoptra

        nope it was actually founded in St.Catherines I believe by a HOCKEY Player named guess what? Tim Horton

        • Siirenias

          It was founded by [Sports Player]? Wow!

        • Andrew

          It was founded in Hamilton, not St. Catharines. Admittedly, they’re close (less than 30 minutes on the Queen Elizabeth Way).

          • Celoptra

            I was close– I just remember that Tim Hortons himself was associated with St. Catherines I think he died in a car crash there?

  • Greg MacDonald

    I always text my grade school kids during school time to not disrupt. They answer immediately almost every time, so I don’t think they are too worried about being distracted.

    • Vulpis

      ….So instead of the ringtone disrupting the class, it’s the text alert sound?

      • Novelista

        Just because they’re dumb enough to answer during class doesn’t mean they’re not smart enough to leave it on vibrate.

        • Well, even vibrate can be somewhat disruptive, depending on the situation.

    • ShinyPenny

      Why do you text your children while they’re at school, barring emergency? What possibly couldn’t wait until they get out?

      • Laren Dowling

        Seriously! There’s a reason most schools ban phones.

        • Patrick Lambert

          Exactly, kids have survived without being tethered to a phone for centuries.

          • Laren Dowling

            Yup. There’s no reason a grade schooler needs a phone. And there’s absolutely no reason to text your kid during school hours, at any age. If it’s that big of an emergency, you shouldn’t be sending a text about it anyway. And if it’s not an emergency, it can wait until after school.

      • Sionyx

        When we had a family emergency when I was in elementary school, my parents called the school. I know other kids were called to the office for family emergencies, too. I can understand the desire to have contact available immediately for emergencies, but in grade school it seems a bit much. At least in the main post OP had permission to have the phone on.

  • Dsru Bin

    Why wasn’t the phone on vibrate?

    • Becca Clark

      Reading comprehension is such a lost art. It clearly states she has the ringer on due to a family emergency and teacher knew.

      • Steven Cring

        Becca. Vibrate is a feature where only the person with the phone can hear/feel it ring so as not to disturb others. So maybe you should learn reading comprehension.

        • LazyBoot

          I’d guess that OP maybe had the phone in a purse or something. Where the vibrate feature would be less useful.

          • I am Jenn

            Or their hoodie? “Cue Irish Rock to begin blaring from my hoodie pocket.”

        • Some Reader

          It says that the phone was in her/his hoodie, which presumably they were not wearing at the moment. Anyway, the teacher knew about the situation and had okayed the phone being on.

          • Dsru Bin

            In the US, the word “hoodie” refers to a sweatshirt (with a hood), which people tend to keep on, unless it gets too hot.

          • Some Reader

            I know what a hoodie is, thank you. Hence my saying they were *presumably* not wearing it. If it was hanging on a coat rack or something, and the phone was in its pocket, then it would make sense that the ringer was left on.

          • Dsru Bin

            And while you’re presuming that they are not wearing it, I am presuming that they are wearing it (or it would be in a locker).

        • Becca Clark

          Steven. Sometimes you don’t feel your phone vibrate, therefore if there was a family emergency, you would make sure you can hear your phone. At no time was the vibrate function mentioned, so, again, reading comprehension.

          • Ian Rennie

            You’re being very rude about this for something that was a valid question

        • mashava

          A lot of teachers make kids leave all personal belongings on the other side of the room to deter cheating. And s/he was taking a test!

        • Katrin Schirmer

          actually, the vibrate feature can make enough noise that more than one person can hear it. its not as quiet as you think.

        • Flami

          Steven. You should learn to shut the f up.

      • Dsru Bin

        That just begs the question. My phone is on vibrate almost all the time. I have yet to miss a call. Why wasn’t the phone on vibrate?

        • Silent Hunter

          The vibrator on my phone broke. Maybe theirs did the same. For me it’s loud ringing or missed calls.

          • Dsru Bin

            Fair enough.

    • Siirenias

      My grandfather was at high risk for yet another stroke until he died. I kept my ringer on at work and my managers sympathised. Vibrate didn’t always vibrate on low battery.

      • Vibrate can also be difficult to feel if you’re walking, even if it’s in your pants pocket (my husband never feels his phone vibrate when he’s walking).

        At the same time, the vibrate feature can also vibrate loudly enough that your ringer might as well be on for all the “lack of disturbing others” you actually get.

      • Dsru Bin

        Thank you for that – I wasn’t aware that vibrate was dependent on battery strength.

        • Siirenias

          Tech has greatly improved since then, but it is an electric motor.

          • Dsru Bin

            That I knew, but I didn’t know that the phone would “turn off” vibrate, just because the battery is low.

          • Siirenias

            I don’t know. I have had a series of cranky phones that only worked right when they wanted to.

        • Silent Hunter

          That’s weird, I didn’t either.

  • Jennifer Smith

    Odds are, the managers didn’t believe OP when she said she couldn’t work during the week because of school and stuff, many managers seem to assume their employees are just hanging out waiting to come into work, like a coat in a closet.

    • Kevin Conti

      Nice analogy, Jennifer. I’m totally going to use that now! 😀

    • Reminds me of how some kids seem to see teachers and the like. Sadly, I guess some never grow out of it.

      • That moment you spot your teacher at the grocery store during the summer and realize they’re a real person with a real life.

    • Michael David

      I know. That’s how my bosses are. Though mine don’t call, they text. And no matter how many times I tell them that I can’t hear my texts, and to call, they never do. Then I get in trouble for not replying.

  • Deadpool

    Teacher seems a little tense. Stopping everyone’s test so she can calm down…?

    • RallyLock

      I’m not sure about Canada (hopefully it’s better than it is here), but in the USA, a teacher’s job security can absolutely depend on how well their students do in tests and such. If a certain percentage of kids fails the test, it looks bad on OP’s record – and too many similar bad marks means that teacher is out of a job next year. So one kid’s phone constantly ringing and distracting the entire class, for reasons that should have been taken care of right from the start (i.e. the cafe should have accepted OP’s scheduling requirements as soon as they hired OP) – yeah, I can sympathize with the teacher on this one.

  • Lord Circe

    I dealt with this sort of thing when I was working the opening shift. A couple of the other openers were rather lazy, and would always be showing up late, and yet I would end up being the one getting called at 5 in morning about how nothing is set up.

    “I don’t work today, I open on Friday.”

    “No, your name is… oh, you don’t open today. Ok, sorry for waking you.”

    And, then I’m awake. At least they apologized, but still, everytime, I’m the one getting called.

    • BR

      Let me guess; if you turn off your phone you’ll be accused of being “irresponsible.”

      • Lord Circe

        That and I’m bad at remembering to turn it on again.

        • Harold Wagner

          Yeah, me too. My parents would hate when I forgot to turn it back on.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    “but my managers and supervisors would look over this fact”

    Does anyone know if that’s regional slang or just odd wording? I like learning about regional slang, but sometimes it’s hard to identify.

    • Siirenias

      I don’t know. I didn’t even notice they didn’t say overlook until you pointed it out, so I would probably look over other ways to say it.

    • Kathryn Baggs

      Most likely just switched the words. I didn’t catch it til you pointed it out and I went back to look.

    • RallyLock

      It could be a translation issue. Ontario still does have a few areas where people primarily speak French, so OP might not be a true native English speaker.

      • Jackie Fauxe

        Good point!

    • AngieJ13

      It could just be that’s how they’ve always said/heard it. I probably would have said look over (even as a native english speaker) just because the thought to use overlook wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

  • Kitty

    This sounds like you had your phone’s sound on all the time, what with the teacher saying that several teachers have noticed you being called during class a lot. Please tell me I’m just wrong about that and you actually had your phone on silent whenever it was time for class, except in a situation like this family emergency.

    • Celoptra

      did you notice? the OP had a family emgernecy recently and I guess the OP was waiting for news and had her ringer on.

    • Tiffany Tyler

      Reading comprehension is a bit challenging eh?

      • Serabeth

        Yes, both you and Celoptra need to learn it. Kitty was commenting that this seemed to be something that was happening over time, and not just today. This is indicated by sentences such as, “All of her teachers are quite annoyed by this habit you’ve created.” Which would indicate either that OP has a lot of family emergencies, or she leaves the sound on her phone on a lot.

        • Rond

          The teacher *saying*, “All of her teachers are annoyed” doesn’t mean it’s true. Exaggeration for effectiveness.

          • Serabeth

            …Sure. Any line in any story on this website could be true, not true, exaggerated, or downplayed. What’s your point?

        • Katrin Schirmer

          a family emergency can last longer than a day. lets say someone is critically ill in the hospital, they could be there for quite a while, and people would get updates on how they are doing regularly, are they better, worse, no change? that sort of thing.

          • Serabeth

            Sure, could be. It seems to me that OP would’ve mentioned it if that were the case, but it’s always a possibility. Either way, I was just explaining what Kitty was saying, which is that it sounded like OP had their phone sound on all the time, from what the teacher was saying in this story. And yes, there could be multiple legit and not legit reasons for that.

          • divgradcurl

            Yeah, but a situation like that wouldn’t justify leaving the ringer on during class.

          • Katrin Schirmer

            that is up for debate. you might not think you want to know if the doctors said you family member probably wont last to tomorrow asap, but others might.

    • TheBigBadWolf

      Even if I put my phone on silent, it can still be pretty obvious. Not loud but the vibrating is obvious. OP’s phone could be similar which makes their teachers’ aware but the phone still on silent.

      • I am Jenn

        Except the post clearly reads “Cue Irish Rock to begin blaring from my hoodie pocket.”

        The ringer wasn’t off….

        • In this case it was on with the teacher’s permission.

          Vibrate is, itself, not exactly quiet, depending on the phone. My husband’s phone vibrates pretty loudly. Actual silent mode would be, well, silent, but if you’re like me you’d frequently forget to un-silence it until two days later when you wondered why you haven’t been getting any phone calls lately.

        • TheBigBadWolf

          During this particular instance. Which OP explained (there was a family emergency and the teacher was alright with the ringer being on). I was talking about the other times.

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    “Now, if you intercepted my family call…”

    • Dsru Bin

      Teacher allowed the OP to take the call. OP told the Teacher that it was work, and that was when Teacher took the phone.

      • Bethany Lieflijk

        If the work call meant they couldn’t accept the family one because the line was busy…

        • Dsru Bin

          Perhaps I misunderstood your original post: Was that directed at Teacher or at the employer?

          • Bethany Lieflijk

            The employer. If his phone call was still going on when the family emergency happened and the family needed the line…

          • Dsru Bin

            Ahh, then I did, indeed, misunderstand. I thought you were addressing the Teacher. Consider my original post withdrawn in all but deed (as that would make the remainder of this thread confusing).

  • Denton Young

    Amazing how when a Higher Authority (the teacher in this case) intervenes, suddenly management finds it in them to listen.

  • Sounds like they were testing Teacher’s patience.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    What a wonderful teacher!

  • Ian Rennie

    you mean overlook, not look over.

  • KashyaCharsi

    Unless you look at least ten years older, I really don’t get your manager’s expectations toward a child.

  • allahboleh

    “My first job as a teenager was front line and baker of a famous Canadian coffee house that was branded with a major tourist company that does highway convenience, airports, hotels, etc.”


    “My first job was at a cafe.”

    Also, please tell me the teacher didn’t say “AKA” IRL…

    • Dsru Bin

      Maybe this was a spoof of the poster who works at a famous amusement park. Or maybe this is the same poster who has improved her writing style enough to make the main page.

  • Scott O

    I’ve worked since I was 14. I rode my bike the 2.5 miles to work every day, rain, shine, snow, whatever.
    Since the lack of driving was apparently relevant, I assume my post is too, so there you go.

  • heatherjasper

    I nearly tanked on all of my classes because my work kept scheduling me for five days a week after Christmas this year. I finally had to call in the last two weeks before graduation, and they took me off the schedule for the third week (the week of graduation) so I could get some homework done. This is after me asking the scheduling manager multiple times to give me fewer hours and even writing her a note giving her the hours I can handle.