Needed It To Be Presented In Widescreen

| Learning | December 13, 2016

I work IT at a primary school. There’s one teacher who is an absolute disaster with computers. In the five years I’ve worked there she has ruined a lot of desktops and laptops by spilling coffee over them, letting them drop, covering ventilation holes with stickers, etc…

Finally I have enough and tell the school principal about how she handles expensive stuff. I have kept a log of all her “mishaps.”

The principal looks at my list but is not impressed. “Well, not everyone is as handy as you are with computers.”

I point out to him that until now the damage she has caused was over 3000 Euro. He doesn’t seem to care and he refuses to talk to the teacher to ask her to be a bit more careful.

A few weeks later I walk into the principal’s office, laughing my head off. He asks me what’s so funny.

I tell him that the clumsy teacher just managed to destroy a 84″ touch-screen television on a moveable lift. You’re supposed the set the lift to the lowest position before moving the television to prevent it from toppling over. Of course she “forgot” to do that, resulting in a 4000 Euro television crashing to the floor.

The principal stormed out of his office to finally have a word with the teacher.

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