Need To Take A Clean Break

| Friendly | May 26, 2017

My mom decides to visit my apartment, which I share with two roommates. They’re sloppy, and my mom is a neat freak, so I plan out a schedule to clean before she comes. We agree on it, and everyone’s excited to meet my mom.

Three days in, my roommates have done nothing, the apartment is half-clean, and my mom is visiting tomorrow morning. I also come down with a low fever and a migraine, so after struggling through the first half of the day, I explain that I’m going to lie down for a little bit, and I really hope they do something while I’m passed out.

Six hours later, it’s 9:00, and no progress has been made. My roommates are gone, with only a scrawled note to explain that they went out to the bar; they’ll be back around 3:00. Yay.

That’s the story of how I ended up cleaning an entire apartment, with a migraine, running a 101°F (about 39°C) fever. I am so glad I finally moved out a few months later.

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