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Need To Lock Down Those Delivery Estimates

, , , , | Right | June 2, 2020

We are processing online orders while everyone is stuck at home on lockdown, and as an art and craft retailer, we’re busier than we ever have been before.

Most customers are very understanding and patient, but then sometimes you do get people who make you question your own sanity. Are people just not aware of what’s going on around them? Or do they think if they place an online order, robots do it all? You press a button and an order comes out?

One particular customer messages us on a Wednesday to say that his order is late. I check his estimated delivery and see that it is not due until the next Saturday or Monday.

Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that your order has not yet arrived; however, your estimated delivery is between Saturday and Monday, so please allow at least up until this time for delivery to be made. I can see from your tracking that your parcel is currently at your local depot so it should be delivered soon.”

Customer: “No. There’s no reason for this order to be later than today; I’ve received post with no problem all week. If you dispatched with Royal Mail, then it should have arrived by now, regardless of the estimate. I’ve ordered next-day deliveries and they’ve arrived the next day!”

This is not a next-day delivery.

Customer: “You’re just using the outbreak as an excuse!”

Me: “I’m very glad to hear that you have been receiving parcels without any problems, but I’m afraid that this does not change the fact that your estimated delivery is between Saturday and Monday.”

Customer: “NO, IT ISN’T!”

We’ve had many customers complaining that orders were late, but this is the first insisting that, during a national emergency, his order should be early!