Need To Learn Bowling And Kung-Fu Before Karate

| Learning | May 19, 2017

(I am around 9-10 years old, and we get an hour to go to the library and borrow books and read them. I have spotted a book that’s about karate that I like on a shelf, so I go to the librarian to ask if I can borrow it.)

Me: “Can you please help me get a book? I am too small to reach it.”

Librarian: “Just ask your teacher to get it for you! He’s tall enough!”

Me: “Um… okay?”

(I go ask my teacher, who tells me to go and ask the librarian. This goes back and forth for a while until the librarian gives up.)

Me: “Can you ple—”

Librarian: “Okay, fine! I’ll get the damn book for you!” *mutters about kids being so annoying*

(We finally get to where the book is.)

Me: “Can I please have that one?”

(I point to a karate book.)

Librarian: *gets the book next to it, which is bowling*

Me: “Oh! No, no, no! I meant the other book. The karate one!”

Librarian: *grabs kung fu book* “THERE! Are you happy now?”

Me: “No, I wanted the kara—”

Librarian: “NO! Shut up already! You little kids are so annoying! God, why am I here? Just take that stupid book. They’re both Chinese anyway!” *walks off*

(Lady had some really bad cultural issues. She got fired that same year for yelling at a five-year-old IN FRONT OF HER PARENTS about weeing all over a chair when “she should’ve held it in when I told her to!” Idiot.)

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