Need To Get Their Protein Somehow

, , , , | Right | April 23, 2019

(An old woman is trying to find some items on her shopping list.)

Customer: “I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time reading my own writing. Hmm, it says that I need Protein Pro V hair gel.”

Me: “I’m sorry, nothing is coming up under that name. However, we sell Pantene Pro V hair gel.”

Customer: “No no, it says, ‘Protein Pro V.’ You see?”

(She shows me her paper and it does look like chicken scratch, but I can kind of make out “Pantene,” for which she might be seeing “protein.”)

Me: “I’m sorry, but this is the only thing that is ‘Pro V’ hair gel.”

Customer: “I’ll have to come another day, then. It’s a shame you don’t have what I’m looking for.”

(Even when I Googled it at home, nothing came up except for Pantene.)

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