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Need To Reset The Staff

, , , | Working | September 25, 2017

(My employer has decided to improve [read: ridiculously complicate] our IT systems by adding several additional features, all of which require a new password. Along with our standard login password, we now have three more to remember. Due to the nature of my work, however, I only care to remember my main login, due it renewing every 90 days. I’m having latency issues with my PC to the point that I have to stop typing every couple of seconds to allow the computer to catch up. I don’t have the privileges to try and fix it myself, so have to go through IT. The email they previously used to help has been replaced with one of said systems, and having forgotten the password, I call the help desk to get it reset.)

IT: “Ticket number?”

Me: “Hi, I don’t have one. I just need my help desk password reset so I—”

IT: “Without a ticket, I’m not permitted to help you. Please log into the help desk and launch a ticket.”

Me: “I will, but I need to reset the password bec—” *click*

(I phone back and get the same woman. I try, desperately, to explain the situation.)

IT: “I hate you non-IT types. Looks like I’ll have to talk you through it STEP BY STEP! LOOK FOR A BLUE—”

Me: I’m already on the help desk login page.”


Me: “Already there.”

(This continues, as she methodically goes through the entire process of launching a ticket, while failing to notice me saying, “I need my password reset,” after she finishes every sentence. It eventually goes quiet for about a minute.)

IT: “You managed it?”

Me: “I’m still at the login screen…”

IT: *whispers* “For f***’s sake…” *shouts* “LOOK FOR A—”

Me: “Can I ask you a question?”

IT: *caught off guard* “Ugh, okay?”

Me: “What did I call you for?”

IT: “…”

Me: “Well?”

IT: “Umm…” *paper rustling* “…a password reset?”

Me: “Exactly.”

IT: “You need to launch a— WAIT! You want to reset your password?”

Me: “YES!”

IT: “What’s your email address?”

(She got the password reset, and I launched a ticket for my actual issue. Thankfully it wasn’t assigned to her and a new PC was sent out to me. Overall, I was on that last call with her for about half an hour. If only she was paying attention.)

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