Need A Pi In The Face

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(I am in a calculus class in college, a class I already took in high school. It has been a long week and a long day, so my head is definitely not all there. Our teacher assigns us to work with partners on a problem. We quickly realize that neither of us can remember the equation for the area of a circle.)

Teacher: “Are you two stuck?”

Partner: “Yeah. We forgot the equation for the area of a circle.”

Teacher. “Oh, that’s unfortunate.” *he’s not known for being the most sympathetic* “Would you like me to ask the class?”

Me: “No.”

Teacher: “Would that embarrass you?”

Me: “Yes.”

(I have social anxiety, so, yes, it would very much embarrass me. Suddenly, a quiet voice from behind me speaks up. It is a boy who I have several classes with and chat with on occasion.)

Classmate: *to the teacher* “Say I’m the one who’s asking.”

(The teacher moved to stand by him and asked the class. The class provided the answer. I turned to look at the boy, who smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. Thank you for easing my anxiety and asking the question!)

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