Need More Spoons To Deal With All These Spoons

, , , , | Working | February 24, 2020

I have been working at this ice cream shop for over a year and have handed out so many spoons at this point in my life. A customer has just bought an ice cream cupcake.

“Do you have something I can eat this with?”

“Yes, here you go.”

I hand her a fork and a knife.

“Oh, you don’t have spoons?”

I think about soup — which we don’t even sell! — and say in all sincerity:

“No, we don’t really sell anything that would require a spoon.”

“Oh. I thought… you being an ice cream shop…”

The customer starts to walk away, confused.

“Wait. Yes. We have spoons. I am so sorry.”

I gave her a spoon and she had a nice laugh about it. She truly was a great customer — nice the whole time.

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