Need It A Fair Degree Smaller

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(I attended one of the Military Academies where I earned my bachelors. After exiting the military and taking a year off, I am ready to return to school. One of the schools I’m applying to asks for a copy of my degree. Here’s the thing about Military Academy degrees: they’re the size of a poster! Not something easily scanned. I call the Registrar’s Office at the Academy to ask if they have a smaller size or a digital version they can send me.)

Receptionist: “Hello. May I help you?”

(I get no identification or confirmation of what office this is; they just pick up and say hello.)

Me: “Ah, is this the Registrar’s Office?”

Receptionist: “It is. What do you need?”

Me: *explains* “So, do you have a digital version or smaller, easily-scanned copy?”

Receptionist: “I don’t do that.”

Me: “Okay… Do you know who does?”

Receptionist: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay… Could you please give me the number?”

Receptionist: “Sure. It’s [rattles off the number at high speed].”

Me: “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

Receptionist: *sighs* “Yes, it’s [still extremely fast]”

Me: “Okay, just to check, the number is [number]?”

Receptionist: *sounding very much annoyed* “Yes, that’s correct. What else do you need?”

Me: “Nothing. Goodbye!”

(I called the number, only to be informed the Academies do not make smaller copies for graduates. I ended up taking a picture and pasting it to an 8×11 paper via Word. Luckily, it worked.)

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