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Need Help Doing Their Help Job

| Working | November 5, 2016

(I am taking a flight that transits in Shanghai. However, I’m informed that my second flight from Shanghai was changed to fly out earlier, which makes it impossible for me to catch it in time. I arrive in Shanghai and go to the information desk to ask where the transit counter is.)

Me: “Excuse me, I just missed my flight. Could you tell me where the transit counter is so I can get a new ticket?”

Employee: *doesn’t look at me, grunts, sneers, and rudely waves me off*

Me: *louder* “Excuse me, could you please help me?”

Employee: “NO!” *sneers at me again and flaps her hand at me*

Me: *annoyed and tired at this point, I very loudly reply* “Wow, THANK YOU so much! You’ve been so helpful! Really, fantastic customer service!”

(I heard laughter behind me from a Chinese family who witnessed the exchange. The dad offered to help and was able to ask another employee in Mandarin where I should go. I really wonder what the lady at the information desk thought her job was.)