Nature Versus Lack Of Nurture

| Romantic | June 1, 2015

(My fiancée and I want children very much, but because we are both women, we are planning to use a sperm donor when the time comes. My fiancée has just told me a story about a same-sex couple who discovered that their donor lied on his profile and was possibly homeless.)

Me: “I never really understood people who want donors who have PhDs or are master violinists. I mean, it’s not guaranteed that the children will have those talents or intelligence. I just want a donor who’s neurotypical. You know, not too many mental issues.”

Fiancée: “Well, we’ll love our children no matter what, even if they’re autistic or homeless or have blue hair.”

Me: “Well, hon… they wouldn’t BE homeless. They’d have a home. They’d be living with us.”

(My fiancée bursts out laughing.)

Fiancée: “‘So, why is your child homeless?’ ‘Oh, you know, he was always destined to be so.'”

Me: “‘He was born that way. He was meant to be a hobo.'”

Fiancée: “‘But couldn’t your child just live with you?’ ‘HE’S JUST HOMELESS, OKAY?! HE’S PREDISPOSED!'”

(We’re going to be great moms.)

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