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Native Idiocy

| Learning | July 20, 2015

(I am substituting for a ninth grade study hall when a student asks me if crossbreeding is like inbreeding. I use interracial couples as an example.)

Me: “So, if you marry an Asian person, that would be crossing races.”

Student: “Marry an Asian?! No way! I want my kids to be pure American!”

(I’m feeling a little upset at this very racist comment, and lean over at him.)

Me: “I’m afraid it’s too late for that kid. You’re not Native.”

Student: “What?”

Me: “You can’t have pure American kids, because you’re not a Native American.”

(He continues confused for a little when I decide to have pity on him.)

Me: “Honey, you’re European.”

Student: “Hmm… well, I’m half German and Half Irish, so I don’t think I have much European in me.”

(Almost the whole class starts laughing. Another student asks what we are laughing about, and when it is explained, THEY start laughing too. FINALLY, the first student leans over to his friend and says:)

Student: “Are Germany and Ireland in Europe?”

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