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Narrow Tunnels And Arrows Don’t Mix

| Friendly | January 1, 2016

(My friends have a D&D game going on, there are four of us in a group excluding the Dungeon Master. We are still on the starting mission; we are in a very narrow tunnel when we ambush two goblins, Then this happens.)

Dungeon Master: “Okay, so, our Halfling goes first, then the Blue Dragon-born, the Paladin, then our Red Dragon-born. What will you do?”

Halfling: “I will shoot them with my bow.”

Blue Dragon-Born: “I guess I will charge in with my hammer.”

Paladin: “Ditto.”

Red Dragon-Born: “I will do the same with my swords.”

Dungeon Master: “Sorry, Red, the tunnel is too narrow for three medium creatures. Try something else if you wish.”

Red Dragon-Born: “Well, okay then, I will take my hand crossbow and try to keyhole it between them.”

Dungeon Master: “Okay, roll to hit.”

Red Dragon-Born: *rolls die and says nothing*

Dungeon Master: “What did you get?”

Red Dragon-Born: *mumbles* “A one…”

Dungeon Master: “…Okay, roll again.”

Red Dragon-Born: *rolls* “WOO! Net 20!

Dungeon Master: “Okay, Paladin, what is your armor class?”

Paladin: “19, Why?”

Dungeon Master: “Okay. Red, you end up shooting our Paladin in the back. Congrats!”

Red & Paladin: “WHAT?”

Paladin: “Dude, you shot me in the a**!”

(Our Red Dragon-born was flustered as we all busted up laughing.)

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