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Narration Fail

| Romantic | November 10, 2015

(My future in-laws are holding their annual Halloween party, and this year, it is vampire-themed. My fiancée and I are in the living room, and I am observing her writing a “Fangria Special” on a whiteboard for a vampire pub set up in the gazebo in the backyard. She accidentally messes up a letter and erases it.)

Me: *pretending to be the erased letter* “AHHHHHH!”

(My fiancée gives me a look before returning to her work. A little bit later, she erases another part of the whiteboard.)


Fiancée: “Don’t narrate my failures!”

Me: “I’m not calling them failures! You’re killing them! Don’t you see that, hon? You’re killing your works of art!”

(My fiancée puts down her marker and gives me a rather appropriately evil and Halloween-ish glare.)

Fiancée: “I’m killing them because they’re not fit to live.”

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