Nap Time Zone

| Related | November 14, 2013

(I am on the phone with my mother, who does not live in the same time zone.)

Mom: “Why are you talking so low?”

Me: “I’m trying to keep quiet because the kids are asleep. They’re taking their afternoon nap.”

Mom: “Oh, I was hoping to talk to them also. Will they be awake in the next hour?”

Me: “Probably not.”

Mom: “Why did you put them to sleep so late?”

Me: “I didn’t; I put them to sleep at 1:30. That’s why I said they are asleep, not that I’m putting them to sleep.”

Mom: “What time is it over there?”

Me: “3:00.”

Mom: “What time do you usually put them to sleep?”

Me: “1:30.”

Mom: “It’s 1:30 over there?”

Me: “No, it’s 3:00.”

Mom: “You put them to sleep at 3:00?”

Me: “No, I put them to sleep at 1:30.”

Mom: “Then why did you put them to sleep at 3:00 if they usually go to sleep at 1:30?”

Me: “For the love of God, Mom!”

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