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Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo

, , , , , | Learning | October 25, 2020

I teach bike lessons to toddlers as a high-school summer job. This encounter happens one week while I am teaching the youngest age group.

Me: “This must be a mistake. All of the kids on my list have the same parent name and contact info.”

Supervisor: “Weird. It’s probably a typo.”

Half an hour later, three kids come riding toward me on their bikes.

Me: “Hello! Can I get you guys signed in?”

Caregiver: “This is Leo, Liam, and Lucas.”

They are very similar-looking triplets with matching bikes and matching helmets, and none of them speak English.

After the class, I go to speak to the mom about their poor listening and to discuss plans for the week. Four caregivers arrive to pick them up.

Me: “Hi, everybody! Who here is Mom?”

Woman #1: “Oh, none of us. We’re just their nannies.”

It was a long week.