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Nana Nono

, , , , | Related | March 24, 2018

(My parents and I are on a road trip with my grandmother. Nana has never liked me much. We’ve been driving for a long time, and we are all tired and hungry. Finally, my dad spots a likely place to stop and have dinner.)

Restaurant Employee: “How old is your daughter, sir?”

Dad: “She’s 15.”

Restaurant Employee: “I’m very sorry, but because this is basically a bar that also serves food, minors aren’t allowed to come in.”

Dad: “But she’s not going to drink anything.”

Restaurant Employee: “I’m sorry, sir. That’s the law.”

Dad: “We’re really hungry.”

Restaurant Employee: “I’m so sorry. There’s nothing I can do. I could lose my job.”

(As we turned, dejectedly, to leave…)

Nana: “Why doesn’t [My Name] just wait in the car? That way, at least the three adults could get something to eat.”

(We all stop dead and stare at her.)

Nana: “What? We could bring her out something once we’re done, or get her food later!”

(She was convinced that she’d thought of a brilliant solution, and she couldn’t understand why leaving me alone in the car in a strange town for an hour or more wasn’t such a great idea.)