Named And Shamed, Part 10

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I’m a hairdresser at a chain salon, and I’ve recently gotten married. I am chatting with a walk-in customer while doing her hair, and it comes up that my in-laws are from another country.

Customer: “Oh, so your husband is the same ethnicity as me! What’s your last name?”

Me: “It’s [Unusual Last Name].”

Customer: “Oh, dear, you can’t even say it properly! Is it spelled [jumble of letters]?”

Me: “Actually, it’s spelled [correct spelling].”

Customer: “Hmm, does it have two Rs? That’s probably where you’re having trouble.”

Me: “No, it’s two Is.”

Customer: “Yeah, I bet that’s what’s messing you up.”

Me: “So, um, how’s the length looking? I’ll turn you so you can see the back…”

I’ve got a bit of a southern drawl, so I guess my new last name sounds kind of funny with my accent. But I’m pretty sure this lady had just never heard the name until now; it’s not a super common one. I sure wouldn’t presume to tell anyone that they were saying their own name wrong, at any rate.

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