Name, Set And Mismatch

| Cardiff, Wales, UK | Learning | November 4, 2015

(I am in the year below my sister. When I start high school, we have some resemblance to each other, and I am used to teachers occasionally accidentally calling me by her name. My PE teacher also teaches her.)

Teacher: “[Sister], can you come here?”

Me: “Sure. But I’m [My Name], Miss.”

Teacher: “Oh, of course, sorry. You two just look so similar.”

(She does this a few times but I don’t mind too much. Fast forward to year eight and she’s my teacher again.)

Teacher: [Sister], could you—”

Me: “It’s [My Name], Miss.”

Teacher: “Sorry! I keep doing that, don’t I?”

(Year nine. By now, most teachers have worked out how to tell us apart and we are starting to lose some of the resemblance as we grow in different ways.)

Teacher: “[Sister], could you—”

Me: “I’m [My Name]!”

Teacher: “I’m sorry. I’ll remember next time.”

(Year ten. My sister and I look quite different now – there is a resemblance but it’s much less pronounced than it used to be. I almost never get mistaken for her. Except:)

Teacher: “Hey, [Sister]—”

Me: “[My Name]. I’m [My Name], Miss.”

(Year eleven. My sister is still in school but as PE is optional for year twelves, she no longer studies it.)

Teacher: “Hey, [Sister]—”

Classmates & Me: “It’s [My Name].”

Me: “My sister doesn’t even do PE any more!”

Teacher: *slightly exasperated* “Okay, okay, I’ve got it.”

(She later runs into my sister.)

Teacher: *to my sister* “Your sister seems to get annoyed with me a lot. I occasionally mix you two up and she always sounds irritated about it for some reason.”

Sister: “Well… you have been teaching her for five years, Miss. I think she’s annoyed that you still don’t get her name right.”

Teacher: “But you two look so similar!”

(We really didn’t by that point.)

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