Name And Number And Dumber

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(I am working in the electronics department of a big box store. The newest version of an Apple product has just come out, and we can’t keep them in stock; as soon as we get a few in, they’ll be sold that day or the next. A customer is asking about them, and we are currently out of stock.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We’re out of them right now, but check back tomorrow; we may get some in on tonight’s truck.”

Customer:May? You don’t know if some are coming in?”

Me: “No, ma’am, they don’t really tell us what’s on the truck; they just send it.”

Customer: “But how can you not know? Doesn’t someone order them?”

Me: “No, it’s all done by computer. When we sell a certain number of something, the system reorders automatically.”

Customer: “But… so you can’t check if there are any on the truck?”

Me: “I have no way of doing that; I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Okay… Well, then, can you put me on the list?”

Me: “List?”

Customer: “Yeah, the list. Like, I give you my name and number and you call me when they come in.”

Me: “We don’t really do that; it’s basically first-come, first-served.”

Customer: “No, I’m going to give you my name and number.”

(She rips off a piece of receipt paper and starts writing.)

Me: “Ma’am, we don’t have a program like that. We don’t do waiting lists.”

(She slides the paper to me with a smile.)

Customer: “There. Just call me.”

Me: *slides it back to her* “We don’t do that.”

Customer: “But you have my name. I’m going to leave that with you and you just call me.”

Me: “You can leave that paper here, but no one is going to call you. We do not do that here.”

Customer: “Okay… I hope you get some soon.”

(She leaves. I assume she has finally figured it out and is off to another store to try to find one. I think that is the end of it, but a week later, the same lady is back. I have dyed my hair so I guess she doesn’t recognize me. I have just sold the last of a new batch of [items].)

Customer: “Excuse me? Hi, my name is [Customer] and I left my name and number here about a week ago. Y’all were supposed to call me when you got some [items] in. But I saw that guy just bought one! Why didn’t you call me? I want one!”

Me: “That was the last one. And I told you last week we don’t do that here!”

Customer: “Oh, it was you… But I gave you my name and number!”

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