Nakedly Unashamed

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(A woman and her daughter, who is probably about six at the absolute oldest, are browsing through our card selection. Suddenly, the little girl gasps excitedly. Her eyes go wide as quarters, and she turns to look at me with a HUGE smile on her face.)

Me: *thinking she’s seen one of the card with cute animals* “What’d you see?”

Little Girl: *just stands there, mouth open, still a huge smile*

Her Mother: “Which card, honey?”

Little Girl: *points to a card with a man in a bathing suit posing on a beach with a dog*

Me: “Do you really like dogs?”

Little Girl: *shakes her head back and forth, still just smiling*

Her Mother: “Are you looking at the nice dog?”

Little Girl: “No! I’m looking at the nice, naked man!”

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