Nailed It

, , | Right | July 5, 2016

(I go to an elderly client’s home every few months to trim her Chihuahuas’ nails. The client lives in an apartment on the second level. Since the dogs don’t walk much and are rather chubby I take one at a time to the van, with her bringing the second halfway down for the switch. This is the third time I’ve been there.)

Client: “Here’s the first one, and I’ll find the second one and start to bring him down.”

Me: “Sounds great. I’ll start her and meet you.”

(It’s a nice day so I place her on the table with the door open and easily clip all her nails in a moment, then bring her back up and meet the client as she’s just leaving the door.)

Client: “Wow, that was so fast! Here he is and remember he can be naughty for the nails. I’ll meet you down there with the payment.”

(I bring him down, place him on the table with a special dog holder like the last two times, and get his nails done with only a lip-lift, not even a growl. When I finish I release him and put him on the ground. The client is watching me from the open door.)

Client: “He was great for you! And you did it so quick and he didn’t even care! You are magic!”

(She not only paid us our minimum fee of $40 but added a $20 tip for me and my magic! Knowing that she’s on a fixed income and have had many issues with their behavior in the past it still makes me happy to fit them in whenever she needs me.)

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