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Nailed It… Kind Of

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My father is in a wheelchair, and our next-door neighbor is a very bigoted man. He calls my father lazy, mentally r******d, stupid, alcoholic, and derogatory terms for Native Americans.

One day, my father and I are on our porch enjoying the sunshine when our neighbor appears on his doorstep and shouts across the yard to us.

Neighbor: “Go back inside, you lazy r*****!”

Father: “This is my property, [Neighbor]. I’ll do what I please.”

Neighbor: “I said go back inside!”

Father: “Or you’ll what?”

Neighbor: “I’ll shoot you!”

Father: “Go ahead. I’ve got a nail gun. [My Name] is pretty good with a rifle. He can shoot you in the scrotum in the two seconds it takes for you to go back inside your house and never speak to us again.”

The neighbor went back inside.

A few minutes later, a cop car showed up, and he got out and spoke with our neighbor. Then they came to our house for our side of the story, and I showed them the video footage of our neighbor coming out and insulting us and threatening my dad. Both the neighbor and my dad were arrested and both were charged with threatening with a deadly weapon, but my neighbor also got charged with discrimination and harassment, and he confessed to planning to poison our dog with bleach. He’ll be serving time longer than my dad will be.

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