Nah Gonna Happen

| Romantic | July 18, 2016

(I commute to and from work on the local bus system. Unfortunately, the station nearest to my workplace is frequented by the kinds of guys who hit on you without taking no for an answer. Since I’m a reasonably attractive young woman, I’m often the target of their flirtations. To deflect these unwanted advances, I usually just respond to whatever they say with a simple “Nah.”)

Man: *wanders over to the bench I’m on and sits next to me as I wait for my bus* “Morning, how’s it going?”

(Sometimes people just want to start a friendly conversation, so I respond politely and with a smile.)

Me: “I’m doing well; how’re you?”

Man: “I’m good. I’m good. So, you waiting for your boyfriend?”

Me: *sighing internally* “Nah.”

Man: “Aw, a pretty girl like you is single?”

Me: “Nah.”

Man: “Oh, you got a boyfriend after all?”

Me: “Nah.”

Man: “Haha, okay. Cool. Cool. So, uh, tell me about yourself a bit.”

Me: “Nah.”

Man: *beginning to catch on* “Haha, is that all you’re gonna say to me?”

Me: “Nah.”

Man: “So I’m assuming that your response to me wanting to get your number will also be…”

Me: “Nah.”

Man: “All right, I can work with that.” *thinks for a while, then grins like he just thought of a checkmate move* “Say ‘nah’ if you’ll go on a date with me.”

Me: *without skipping a beat* “Not on your d*** life.”

(Luckily, the guy took it well and laughed it off before wishing me good luck and moving to sit on another bench.)

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