My, Robot

| Related | November 7, 2013

(My five year old is disappointed because I told her that we can’t go to the park until I do dishes and put away laundry.)

Daughter: “You know what we need, Mommy?”

Me: “What’s that?”

Daughter: “A robot.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what? Why do we need a robot?”

Daughter: “It could do the dishes, and walk the dog, and cook dinner for you!”

Me: “Wow, that sounds great.”

Daughter: “Yeah! And it could change the baby’s diaper, and clean the cat’s litter box, and even rake the leaves!”

Me: “I wish we did have a robot like that; it would make things much easier for me.”

Daughter: “And you know what else? It could even snuggle with Daddy at night so he doesn’t crush you!”

(My husband has PTSD, and sometimes thrashes or rolls over on me in his sleep.)

Me: “Oh… but then where would I sleep?”

Daughter: “With me, of course!”

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