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My Name Is Katniss Everdude

| Learning | March 26, 2013

(I am in a British literature class with a professor who is endearingly out of touch with the times. For example, he just discovered that phones have alarms and cameras. In class, we are discussing potential feminist themes in an 18th-century novel.)

Me: “I was reading about a theorist who said that in movies such as “Brave,” the strong female characters actually do not help women because these characters must sacrifice their femininity and become like men to be considered strong.”

Professor: “Interesting. That reminds me of the strangest movie I saw recently. I don’t even know how I ended up watching it; I think the movie I wanted to see was out of seats or something. Tell me if you’ve heard of this: “The Hunger Games?” *completely sincere* “Is that supposed to be feminist?”

Entire Class: “NO!”

(We hurry to explain to him what young adult dystopian literature is, and he seems relieved, though no less baffled).